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Sikh genocide 1984

Attack to abolish Sikh culture by ZEE TV...

You could never be son of a Sikh mother-shame on you.


“Whenever I pass by the Supreme Court of India, I hang my head in shame for these unanswered queries in mind: Is it the biggest temple of justice for us or an refuge for the agents of the Centre government, murderers of the innocent and police officers with criminal background? Or is it a meeting-place for judges, the eyewitness to mass murder of the innocent, who did not perform their moral and legal duty due to which the whole community Sikh has been deprived of justice for long?

Therefore I would like to ask:
(i) Are the Supreme Court judges ignorant of the fact that Delhi has witness killing of over 5000 innocent persons?
(ii) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that about 10,000 murderers of the innocent of Delhi reside in the vicinity of the Court?
(iii) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that it remained closed continuously for four days in November 1984 because the roads had been blocked by the killers?
(iv) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that the Supreme Court judges remained closed indoors continuously for four days while the Court itself was in possession of the killers, so no applicant or advocate or judge could enter the Court in this period? And
(v) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that the murderers of the innocent are enjoying themselves without restraint while the suffering families are wandering about for justice? However, the Hon’ble Court has taken Suo-motto action after reading news published in dailies many a time, it kept mum on the issue of widows!
The Supreme Court judges knows everything, but due to being corrupt, schismatic, cowardice, impotent and an agent in the Centre government, they use to keep mum as the former Supreme Court judge Ranganath Mishra.

Mr. Amitabh;
due to you &  your hatred call, We Sikhs suffered a lot. We were burnt alive, our children were also set ablazed, our women were molested and raped too, our movable and immovable properties were destroyed, looted, properties arsoned, our business establishments were up-rooted but we did not cry.Yes ! we cried because the Hindus attacked our holy places-our Gurudwaras.(The holy places).

We could tolerate everything but the dis-respect and burning of our eternal Guru can never be tolerated. You are guilty and need to be punished.
Amitabh Bacchan - Main perpetrator of Sikh genocide 1984 & the first person to give the hatred call.
1st November 1984.....
I myself watched Amitabh Bacchan-the cine actor shouting slogans as "KHOON KA BADLA KHOON' on Doordarshan , a govt sponsored TV channel on 1st Nov 1984 . He was inciting Hindus by LIVE appearance on TV to spill blood of Sikhs. I was just stunned and shocked to see his role in real life which was most disgusting and i hate him since then though I was also his fan.

Impact of the hatred call of demand of blood by a celebrity and the thousands of precious lives gone, violence spread all over India -thousands massacred, women raped, molested, business places set on fire, two communities divided, division of nation is desired by victims but no sedation charges against this celebrity but given protection -THIS CAN BE SEEN ONLY IN INDIA.
When people ask me to furnish any video of him, i just see at their faces with an innocent look. How ignorant they are?
We Sikhs were trying to save ourselves and our families (Leave our assets or property aside), as our own government was our enemy. The govt., had completely violated the constitution which gives the guarntee and a birth right to follow our religion and to earn, the safety of property and lives of every citizen is guarnteed but the majority of Parliamentarians turned our enemy overnight, (the opposition party BJP called Indira as Goddess Durga) and not only provoked to kill, loot, rape, molest, arson but gave sheltered to miscreants. This dance of death continued for 72 hrs. throughout India.

            Sikhs burnt alive by Hindu fanatics in 1984.
The Mobile phones/cameras were not invented and the video cameras were rarely available. It was not possible to record but the evidence is still there. All recordings were done by Doordarshan and telecast LIVE.
Recently in the case of Jagdish tytler, another perpetrator of Sikh genocide 1984, The Supreme Court ordered the govt., to produce the copies of some of these CDs to check the presence and role of Jagdish Tytler by the prosecution. Govt., provided these CDs which were viewed by the lawyers of prosecution.
All this was done in the name of Indira Gandhi. Her son Rajiv Gandhi, who was sworn in as his successor said that the mother of nation was killed by Sikhs, means- (so Hindus should have eliminated Sikhs). The Police and paramilitary forces were deployed to help the miscreants not safe guard the innocents.
The most strange thing is that the Indira Gandhi was not a Hindu, she was a Muslim, married to a Parsi Muslim Firoz Gandhi. It is not me who speak this truth but she was given entry in Jagannath temple, Orissa on this ground. She was called 'VIDHARMI', by the temple authority and the high clergies.They clearly said that only Hindus can enter in this temple so she was denied and she could not enter in the temple though she was the Prime Minister but the temple authority was not afraid.
I wanted to sue Amiatabh Bacchan for his role in his real life but i could not hire any senior lawyer. I could not afford him.
Some of new Law students helped me to draft this Public Interest Litigation with the help of some senior lawyers but they did not openly came forward to help me. The lawyers who helped me to draft this PIL, were either afraid or threatened that they did not come forward to help me to file it. I had to do it myself, whatsoever expenses in running from highther-thither and other expenses were covered by me, they were so afraid that they never answered my phone calls too after submission of PIL.
This litigation was rejected by the hon'ble judge Man Mohan of Delhi High Court with a remark that 'due to delay in filing this complaint, this PIL was rejected on 24/10/2009'.
Does filing a Litigation, serious in nature, related to provocation of mass murders, arson, rape, molestation and most henious acts so divide the society and the nation due to the provocation was evident in this Litigation? If my Litigation can be rejected on the ground of late submission/applied than how could there be a case is filed against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after 18 years? And there are many other such cases accepted by Supreme Court. Why Supreme Court accepted them?
Even a FIR can be lodged after many years (There is not any time limit).
The gravity of crime is never reduced in the cases, in which the punishment could be three years or beyond three years but all these acts were not followed and my PIL was rejected because Indian government has one motto only-to shield the perpetrators of Sikh genocide and harass the victims.
Just see yourself the highest and most reliable Intelligence agency of India CBI, is still busy in collecting evidences after 26 years. Is this their efficiency or they are working on behest of ruling party?

I welcome the step taken by a Ropar Court as it ordered to frame the charges against DGP SK Sharma for a 24 year old kidnapping case but does it not prove that high ups are given benefits of delay in cases they are involved and never framed as i filed a case in Delhi High Court against Amitabh bacchan for his alleged role in Sikh genocide in 1984. It was rejected with a note that, ' ''due to delay in filing this complaint, this PIL was rejected on 24/10/2009'.
But the above order of Ropar Court reveal truth of dual justice system in India.
Frame charges against Punjab DGP Sharma: Ropar court
Tribune News Service
Ropar, April 21
A local court has ordered framing of charges against Punjab DGP SK Sharma and others in a 24-year-old kidnapping case. Additional district and sessions judge KS Sullar rejected a plea filed by Sharma for discharging him in the case and fixed May 6 as the date for framing charges. Sharma was recently elevated to the rank of DGP.
The other accused in the case are Balkar Singh, the then SHO of the Morinda police station, DIG SPS Basra and ASI Gurcharan Singh.
The victim, Kuldip Singh (21) was allegedly kidnapped by Punjab police personnel on October 24, 1990 from Krishna Mandi in Morinda. Kuldip was pursuing graduation from Punjabi University in Patiala at that time.
While victim’s father Ajaib Singh made desperate attempts to locate his son, the police kept on denying that Kuldip was in its custody. On May 15, 1991, Ajaib Singh read a report in The Tribune that had a statement issued on the behalf of the then Patiala SSP SK Sharma that one Kuldip of Amrali village falling under the Morinda police station had been killed in an encounter on May 1. Ajaib Singh then approached the authorities and then finally a case was registered under Section 364 and 34 of the IPC in 1998 against the four accused.
1990 Morinda abduction case
The case pertains to an alleged abduction of a youth Kuldip Singh by Punjab police personnel on October 24, 1990 in Morinda; the police kept denying that Kuldip was in its custody
On May 15, 1991, Kuldip’s father read a report that had a statement of the then Patiala SSP SK Sharma that Kuldip of Amrali village had been killed in an encounter on May 1; he approached the authorities and finally a case was registered
I applied to Doordarshan through RTI act to get the copies of CDs which were telecast from 31st Oct. 1984 to 3rd Nov 1984. I wanted these copies to prove the involvement of Amitabh bacchan in Sikh genocide but I was refused by the Director General of Doordarshan.
My application to demand the video clippings from Door Darshan-Delhi.
The reply from Door Darshan, in this reply Door Darshan has expressed my application as vague and that it could not trace. The said clippings were shown to prosecution in Jagdish Tytler case by order of Supreme Court of India. The prosecution demanded the same clippings to see the role of Jagdish tytler on 01-11-1984.
Then how could the concerned officials replied that they could not trace?
Only thing is that without orders of Supreme Court or high ups, the director door Darshan can not release the clipping which they can never destroy as it can be demanded anytime by any Court of india.
In his letter sent to me, he comments that “That the term video clipping mentioned by you in the col.” Details of Information required” is vague, Moreover the information asked you is more than 25 years old and at that time Doordarshan was running its transmission in Low Band format which was thrown out of gear as soon as new format of High Band was adopted. Subsiquently that also changed to Beta and now to DVC Pro.”
It further says, Therefore the clippings as referred by you can not be traced’.
Whereas the parts of the same recorded clippings were produced in the Supreme Court to show the prosecution in Jagdish Tytler’s case. If the clippings could not be traced, how, on the order of the Court were produced?
Without order of the Court, Doordarshan shall not provide these clippings and refuse on some pretexts.
I also demanded the video clippings from BBC shop on Feb 22, 10 from 1st Nov to 3rd Nov. 1984 but they regretted as they could not locate the specific one which i was searching for. I was searching the video of Amitabh Bacchan who raised the slogans to demand blood of Sikhs and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs. See the evidence here; In this screenshot of mail sent BBC Shop, the demand is sent.
In the screenshot copy below, i received the regretted answer from BBC Shop 25-02-10.
Both these evidences shows that i am searching the video clips but so far i couldn't get.
I have pasted the copy of the Public Interest Litigation here on this blog so that the Sikhs all over the world may see the discrepancy in Indian Courts with Sikhs. There can not be any justice to the victim Sikhs of genocide shall ever be delivered to them. The alleged perpetrators shall die their natural death but there will be no justice to Sikhs in India.

Public Interest Litigation
In the matter of -
Sardar Ajmer Singh Randhawa
S/o Late Sardar Shiv Singh Randhawa
Executive member of SHER-E-KHALSA GURMAT ASSOCIATION”, a registered society, registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860
R/o xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx New Delhi.

Sri Amitabh Bachchan
S/o Late Sh. Hariwansh Rai Bacchan,
R/o Akanksha, Gulmohar Park.
New Delhi.
Honorable Chief Justice and his companion justices of this Honorable Court

The humble petition on behalf of the above named complainant most respectfully showeth:

1. That the complainant is a citizen of India and is also the Executive member of the “Sher-e-Khalsa Gurmat Association” and incorporated association of persons formed on the 31st December 2008, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, by eminent citizens of India at New Delhi, with the pertinent objective, of upholding the constitutional and legal rights of the citizens of India, especially with regards to the people belonging to the Sikh community, and particularly the individuals belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society.

2. That the complainant craves leave to refer to, and rely upon the aims and objects of the said society at the time of hearing, if necessary and demanded by the honorable court.

3. That the complainant is presently 60 years of age and has passed through the agony and mayhem acts during the genocide of Sikhs in the year 1984 himself and is well aware of all the incidents, during the period on and in between 31st of October to 5th November 1984.

4. That the present application is being filed by the complainant for and on behalf of the Sikh community of India who suffered mass causalities of lives during the Sikh genocide of 1984, and the complainant feels no fear, to explicitly and unambiguously state that, the mass-killing of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots were a subsequent result of the conspiracy between Amitabh Bachchan and some of the government officials.

5. That the complainant is a witness of the perpetual telecasts starring the accused which were been telecasted on 31st October and 1st November 1984 on Television, specifically on ‘Doordarshan’, the only channel run by the government of India at that time, where he was shown repeatedly wandering in a baraamda(corridor) and raising slogans to provoke the people belonging to majority faiths and the one’s who come under the ambit of his ‘fan’ following, to avenge the Sikhs and subsequently kill them. The said slogan raised by Amitabh Bachchan was specifically in the words as-

6. That the accused voluntarily instigated the myriad crowds which included a legion of people carrying arms and deadly weapons by his hatred slogans and repeated telecasts, which were shown before the riots / genocide took place, which clearly emanates to the fact that the whole scenario was a subsequent result of the said conspiracy and provocation.

7. That the complainant submits and pleads, that criminal proceedings shall be initiated against the accused, who was the king-pin of the whole conspiracy to kill Sikhs throughout India and instigated the legion mobs by provocative calls.

8. That due to this hatred provocation, more than 4000 (unofficially 10,000) innocent Sikhs were massacred on the streets of India, their properties were set to arson, their moveable assets of transport and personal vehicles were torched with flames, destroyed and damaged, women were molested and raped, even the infants and children were not spared and brutally murdered. By all these sinister acts, he might have quenched his thirst of blood but the justice to the victims is not delivered by any Court of law, whereas I being an eye-witness to his provocation against the Sikh community, can provide the recorded Live evidences against him, if the honorable court grants me the permission.

9. That the accused has proved and established himself more dangerous then the other alleged culprits, (Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler etc.) who committed this mayhem for their dirty politics, since the acts of these alleged culprits resulted the killing in Delhi only, but the accused (Amitabh Bacchan), by appearing LIVE on television resulted the massacre of innocent Sikhs throughout India, (A country where people carry a perception of worshipping a Cine actor, without knowing the latent fraction of his life).

10. That I have made this complaint directly in the honorable court of your honor as I do not possess sufficient means to arrange a lawyer. Since the Constitution of India itself assures all citizens equality of law, I humbly request you to allow me to represent my complaint in person.

11. That the complainant submits that if he is found making any pseudo testimony / declarations before this honorable Court, then he shall produce himself for any punitive action against him before your good-self.

12. That the complainant has made many entries on the accused’ (Amitabh bacchan’s) blog, and have informed him that one day he shall have to answer the ‘cries of children’ and ‘screams of widows’ but he persistently removes my mails. The same shall be produced in the court, if necessary for your kind consideration.

13. That the complainant did not complained earlier, as he was not directly a party in it but now he does realize that though those who died and suffered were not directly related to me, but the call made by the accused to genocide Sikhs was given against all the Sikhs living in the country and the complainant could have been the one amongst those unfortunate innocent victims who were massacred in the riots. Therefore I do apprehend that the provocation was a threat call to the life of my entire family including me also.

(a) That the complainant states that he has not moved any other application on the self – same cause of action before the honorable Court or any other Court of Law in India.

(b) That as indicated hereinabove, the complainant is moving this application in public good to protect the public interest and not intended to serve any interest of any individual.

(c)That if the evidence gets accepted by the honorable Court, the accused shall be surely brought under the books of Law for committing the following offence(s) -

· Abetment for murder (section 107 read with section 302 0f IPC)
· Abetment for attempt to murder (section 107 read with section 307 of IPC)
· Liability of abettor when one act abetted and different act done in consequence (section 111of the IPC)
· Abetment for rioting (section 107 read with 147 of IPC)
· Abetment for rioting armed with deadly weapon (section 107 read with 178)
· Abetment and committing the offence of wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot, if rioting committed (section 107 read with 153 of IPC)
· Abetment of committing offence of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race etc. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony (section 107 read with 153A of IPC)
· Abetment for rape (section 111 read with section 376 of IPC)
· Abetment for theft (section 111 read with section 378 of IPC)
· Abetment for robbery (section 111 read with section 392 of IPC)
· Abetment for dacoity (section 111 read with section 395 of IPC)
· Abetment for house trespass (section 111 read with section 448 of IPC)
· Abetment for committing house trespass in order to commit offence punishable with imprisonment for life (section 111 read with section 450 of IPC)
· Abetment for committing house trespass in order to commit offence punishable with death (section 111 read with section 449 of IPC)
· Abetment for grievous hurt caused, whilst committing lurking house trespass or house breaking (section 111 read with section 459 of IPC)
· Abetment where all persons jointly concerned in lurking house trespass or home breaking by night, punishable where death or grievous hurt is caused (section 111 read with section 460 of IPC)
· Statements conducing to public mischief, also with sub-clause (2), statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes (section 505 read with section 505(2) of IPC)
· The illustration (b) given in section 111 of IPC does not runs in consonance with the present case of the complainant, since the provocation given by the accused was general in nature and was specifically defined to “avenge” the Sikhs and all the acts like theft, robbery etc. and other offences mentioned above were a definite - probable consequence of the provocation by the accused.
Hence the illustration (b) given below section 111 of I P C does not applies to the present case.

14. That though the crime was committed by the accused a long time back but he cannot be allowed to escape on flimsy grounds of delay. There was no nearer or dearer one of mine, who was killed in the genocide in 1984 but all those massacred were all Indians and the citizens of this country.

15. That I am inspired by recently reading the judgment by The Delhi court to convict three alleged culprits of 1984 riots and the same has encouraged me to come in front openly, without any fear of the accused or his close political associates.

16. That the additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Surinder S Rathi held that the convicts had to be given the maximum punishment for their acts of “mindless violence committed under the garb of emotional outburst.” He further described the 1984 Sikh massacre as the “most unfortunate time” for the country after Independence and that “there can be no justification, verbose or otherwise, to validate such mayhem and pogrom.” Slamming the state machinery for mishandling the situation and failing to protect the victims’ families, ASJ said that history would never forgive police officials who were at the helm of the affairs and the government of the day for their unprecedented slothful and quiescent role. The contrived action and sluggish response of the police and the government led to the failure of saving the priceless lives. The Judge expressed apology to the brothers for the delay in justice and ordered that Rs. 18 lacs out of the penalty amount be given to the brothers as token compensation.

17. That I looked into the future of Sikhs in India and a ray of hope suddenly widened my eyes that though the justice is delayed, but the comments of honorable judge is enough to heel our old chronic wounds, and we Sikhs can still hope that justice shall surely be delivered against high influential culprits too.

18. That if a judge can apologize from the victims for delayed justice, why can’t the complainant apologize from the honorable Court for reporting the complaint after a long time but due to this delay, the gravity of the offence does not gets reduced and the benefit of delay shall certainly not be given to the accused.

19. That the same has inspired me to come forward openly against the said influential accused and file a complaint to initiate criminal proceedings against him, being an eye-witness to the offences of provocating mobs, committing conspiracy, making hatred speeches, having malicious intention to divide the society, to sow the seeds of another division of India on the basis of religion which sent a sense of discrimination on caste and religion, to put in danger the unity and stability of the nation(treason).

20. That you are obsequiously requested to accept my complaint as a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION, as all eyes of my community are lying hopefully on you (Judiciary).

21. It will certainly prove a milestone in keeping India united as we have discrepancies since India got independence, and which has sent a sense of insecurity to all of us as the citizens of this country.

22. That due to delay in filing the complaint, a perception can be emanated that, his acts would get time barred to book him under law, for that reason, I pray to the honorable Court of justice to vitiate the delay.

23. That most of the above offending acts committed by the accused, provided to be not in consonance with law are punishable with severe and long imprisonment(s), and therefore, my said complaint does not gets barred under the provisions of section 468 of the Code of the Criminal Procedure, 1973.

24. That this application is being moved bona fide and in the interest of justice. In the premise, your complainant humbly prays your Lordships for the following orders:-

(a) Allow me to present my complaint in person, to apprise the honorable Court with all the evidences, establishing the guilt of the accused.

(b) And pass such order or further order or orders as to Your Lordships may deem fit and proper in the circumstances of the above mentioned complaint.

And the complainant, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Complainant : Ajmer Singh Randhawa

Date :19thSeptember2009

I, Ajmer Singh Randhawa son of late Sh. Shiv Singh Ji Randhawa, aged 60 years, Sikh by religion, by occupation a businessman residing at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx New Delhi-18, do hereby solemnly affirm and say as follows :-

(1)- I am the complainant in the instant application and I am acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case. That I am competent to swear this affidavit.

(2) That the accompanying complaint as a Public Interest Litigation under Article 226 of the Constitution of India for initiation of criminal proceedings against the accused under section(s) 107,108,120-B,107 read with 147-148-153-153A-302, section111 read with 376-378-392-395, section 111 read with 448-450-459-460-505 have been drafted by me. The contents of the same are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and the same are not repeated herein for the sake of brevity and the same may be read as part and parcel of this affidavit.

Sardar Ajmer Singh Randhawa

Verified at Delhi on 19th day of September 2009, that the contents of my affidavit are true and correct to my knowledge. No part is false and no material is concealed there from.


It is a humble request to all those who saw Amitabh Bacchan shouting the slogans on TV and inciting Hindus to avenge Sikhs and to spill their blood, please write your statements and email ID here so that this blog, may be given an approval.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

Please visit;
http://khoonkabadlakhoon.blogspot.in/ (In Hindi) 


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